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ANSORL GRS Gas Release Warning Signage

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Operating Voltage: DC24V/AC24V

Non-polarized Working Current: ≤70mA @ 24 VDC

Flash Period: 1.2-1.5 Sec.



Through controller to make it work, said gas spraying, remind personnel shall not enter areas of gas fire extinguishing.
Work, flashing shows “GAS” may not be entered in red words.
Spraying indicator is gas fire extinguishing system of supporting products, usually installed at the entrance of the protected sites.When spraying gas, gas fire extinguishing controller (hereinafter referred to as “controller”) will start the spraying lamp light instructions, to remind people pay attention to and take corresponding measures.Spraying the lamp with gas fire extinguishing system for the controller.
Gas spraying light communicate with the controller USES the digital signal, work stable and reliable, and has good inhibition to electromagnetic interference.

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