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ASENWARE Addressable Strobe Sounder AW-D106

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Asenware AW-D106 is an intelligent horn strobe, which can be configured with Asenware AW-FP100 Series Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel. Each point (devices) can be given specific ID, which allows the panel to continuously monitor specific device location (point). AW-D106 horn strobe is used for audio and visual fire signaling applications.


• Addressable-analog communication
• Low Standby current
• High decibel rating
• Flash period of 1 sec




Model No. AW-D106
D/C 1715
Operating Voltage 18V-28V DC
Work Current 10-60 mA
Standby Current ≤3 mA
Alarm SPL ≥100dB
Flash Period ≤1.0 S
Temperature -10℃~50℃

Strobe Sounder Installation

AW-D106 addressable horn strobe comes with mounting enclosure which can be easily installed.
how to  Install Strobe Sounder
*All dimensions are in mm


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