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ASENWARE CO2 fire Suppression System

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CO2 Extinguishing System automatic extinguishing system consists of bottle group

bracket, storage bottle of extinguishing agent, container valve, high-pressure hose, check
valve, header pipe, safety valve, distribution pipe, selector valve, pressure signal device,
transmission pipeline of extinguishing agent, decompression device, nozzle, start-up
bottle, actuator, start-up pipeline and start-up gas check valve etc. CO2 Extinguishing
System automatic extinguishing system is a kind of intelligent automatic extinguishing
system. In accordance with requirements for use in different places for application, the
unit independent system and combined distribution system can be constituted and the
way of total flooding extinguishing can be used in order to realize the extinguishing
protection of single protection area and multi-protection area. CO2 Extinguishing System
automatic extinguishing system has advanced technology and high extinguishing
efficiency and can be maintained easily. This system has 3 start-up modes including
automatic operation, manual operation and mechanical emergency operation.


This system is mainly applicable to fires as follows:
1) Gas fire in the event that gas source can be cut off before extinguishment;
2) Liquid fire or fire due to fusible solids such as paraffin and asphalt;
3) Fire on solid surface and deep-seated fire of partial solids such as cotton, fabric,
and paper ;
4) Electrical fire;
Typical referenced places:
The CO2 extinguishing system is mainly applicable to the fire protection of key places
such as electronic computer room, data storage room, library, bank vaults, storehouse of
valuables, storehouse of paper, storehouse of cotton, storehouse of food, storehouse of
Chinese herbal medicine, storehouse of fur and cable tunnel. The system can also be
used in the production operation places with fire dangers such as dipping tank, melting
tank, roller mill, textile machine, generator, printing press, oil immersed transformer, oil
switch, high-rating generator, hydraulic equipment, drying equipment, patent equipment,
dust-removing equipment, cooking utensils, paint discharge production line, electric aging
room, pulverized coal bunker in cement production process and ship cabin and cargo


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