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ASENWARE Wireless Point type temperature rise temperature battery detector STD606A

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The detector is a photodetector that uses the most advanced optical sensing chamber. The detector is designed to provide open area protection and can be used with the AW-FP100 Series Addressable Fire Alarm Panel. It has a wireless network alarm function; it can form a wireless LAN alarm system through the host; wireless connection, no wiring, easy installation and construction



1.Easy To Install

   Easy to install and expand
  Supporting Wireless Function with Host
3.High DB
   85 DB can better inform people
4.Double Battery Options
   Internal 3 /5/10 years battery External 1.5V 2PCS AA battery

Working power:                                   A CR17335/17450 lithium manganese batteryB 2* AA alkaline battery
Current:                                              ≤8µA@3VDC
Maximum Alarm Current (LED on):   ≤100mA@3VDC
Operating Humidity Range:               ≤95%RH(40°C±2°C) Relative Humidity, Non-condensing
Operating Temperature Range:          -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Smoke Alarm Sensitivity:                    0.18-0.26dBM
Fix temperature Alarm:                        57°C (135°F) A1R
Rate of rise Alarm:                               7.1°C/5S  A1R
Wireless working frequency band:      428-438MHZ
Wireless transmit power                    +20DB
Alarm level:                                        ≥85db /3m
Height:                                                54.5mm installed in Base
Diameter:                                            126.7 mm


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