ASH107 Addressable Smoke/Heat Combined Detector

Product Features:

  • 1.Composite smoke-sensing and temperature-sensing detector is a multi-element composite detector constituted jointly by a smoke sensor and a semiconductor temperature sensor in respect of technological structure and circuit structure.
  • 2.Built-in standalone CPU, quick calculating speed and excellent stability.
  • 3.Non-polarity two-wire bus to make cabling easy, and avoid wrong wiring.
  • 4.It adopts backward scattering maze and makes it more sensitive to detect the smoke generated from burning of different materials.
  • 5.Sealed robber type of heat sensitivity component enhances anti-humidity and anti-erosion.
  • 6.Three sensitivity levels of the detector are optional at the control panel to suit different environments.
  • 7.Drift compensation to reduce nuisance alarms.
  • 8.Temperature rising compensation to improve responsive capacity upon different temperature rising status.
  • 9.Support sensor fault inspecting and reporting to ensure system work and maintain well.
  • 10.Special production process to make the device work at high temperature, high humidity and high altitude environment.
  • 11.ESD static protection grade 12000V, strong anti-interference ability.

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