BELL-EX Explosion Proof Alarm Bell

AS-BELL-EX explosion-proof fire alarm bell is a conventional type device with relay output, it’s compatible with most of fire alarm control panels in the market.

AS-BELL-EX explosion-proof fire alarm siren is an essential device of fire alarm system. When there is a fire, the control panel receives alarm signal from fire detector or manual call point, then the panel sends a start signal to the bell, which will give an audible alarm.
AS-BELL-EX explosion-proof fire alarm bell complies with  GB3836-2010 standards for explosion proof performance. The explosion-proof fire alarm bell is applicable to Zone 1 and zone 2, containing the hazardous area of clas II B an II C T6 temperature explosive gas atmosphere.

Explosion Proof
Power Supply 1
24VDC (standard)
Power Supply 2
AC220V (customized)
Alarm Current
Sound Intensity
Cast aluminum alloy
Explosion Proof mark
Exd II CT6
The Ambient Temperature
-20° C ~ +50° C
Relative Humidity
≤95% (non-condensing)

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