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DELING HD-504 2 wire/4 wire photoelectric heat detector

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• SMT adopted, high stability

• Low standby current

• Anti-RFI& anti-EMI

• 9~35vdc wide voltage

• Duel led for 360 visual

• Flashing led power indicator



Model:HD-504 2 wire/4 wire photoelectric heat detector


1.Operating voltage:DC:9V~35V

2.Standby current:≤55uA

3.Alarm current: ≤55mA@DC24V;    ≤25mA@DC12V

4.Alarm indication: red LED

5.Reset: power off or auto reset

6.Operating temperature:  -10℃ +50℃

7.Operating humidity: ≤95 RH

8.Alarm output:  Remote led for 2 wires; relay output for 4 wires rating N/A for 2 wires;  0.5A@DC28V for 4 wires

10.Alarm point: ate-of-rise alarm:  temperature rising rate >8℃/M;

Fixed temperature alarm: 57℃(135°F)

11.Dimension D101mm.*H49mm


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