Fire detection tube type automatic fire detection and extinguishing device

The fire detection tube automatic fire extinguishing device is a simple, low cost and highly reliable independent automatic fire extinguishing system. It does not depend on any power source and can op…

  • Advantages of automatic fire detection system

    The fire detection automatic fire extinguishing device can immediately and effectively extinguish the fire source, and has the following advantages:

    ● Unique fire extinguishing effect can effectively extinguish the fire in the bud.
    ● In case of fire, no power supply or manual operation is required, and the device will start automatically.
    ● The most suitable for unattended equipment and places that need protection.
    ● The detection reaction time is fast, reducing the loss caused by the spread of fire.
    ● The fire detection tube is not affected by any position, and can be extended to various complex flammable spaces or equipment.
    ● The fire detection tube is equivalent to a linear detector, which can detect fire and release fire extinguishing agent.
    ● A small amount of fire extinguishing agent can reduce pollution and damage to the surrounding environment.

    ● Greatly reduce the cost of each fire extinguishing.

    ● Easy to install and takes up very little space. The simple design minimizes installation and maintenance costs.
    ● If it is not completely submerged, it will not hurt people in the protection zone when released.
    ● No false alarms or false releases due to oil, dust, etc.
    ● The device has no electrical components, is not affected by vibration or shock, and does not affect operating functions.
    ● Because the fire detection tube is a flexible tube, it can be arbitrarily placed in various cable laying positions. This function makes up for the gap that cannot be extinguished by existing fire protection products.

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