SPKR-EX Explosion Proof Horn Speaker

AS-SPKR-EX explosion-proof speaker is a constant pressure type high volume horn speaker, (constant resistance type can be customized according to use’s request ).

AS-SPKR-EX explosion-proof speaker is suitable to be installed in the places where contain flammable or explosive materials, for example, in petroleum, chemical, textile, military, power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and other industries. This item can be used in public amplifier system.
AS-SPKR-EX explosion-proof speaker complies with GB3836-2010 standards for explosion proof performance. The explosion-proof speaker is applicable to Zone 1 and zone 2, containing the hazardous area of classⅡB andⅡC T6 temperature explosive gas atmosphere.


Explosion Proof
Power Supply
Power Capacity
Sound Intensity
≤ 100dB
IP Protection
Explosion Proof Mark
Exd II CT6
Atmospheric Pressure
The Ambient Temperature
-20° C ~ +50° C
Relative Humidity
≤95% (non-condensing)

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