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TNA TX3315E Gas Extinguishing Warning Indicator

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TX3315E deflation indicator is sound-light alarm installed at gas fire-fighting control system site. After deflation indicator starts, “Deflating! Do not enter” gas spraying light indicates. This product is elegant and applicable to hotel, restaurant, computer room, bank, marketplace, museum, library and office building.



Operating voltage Loop Power:24VDC(18to28VDC)External PSU:24VDC(20to28VDC)
Operation current Loop:Monitoring:≤ 0.6mA  Action≤ 5.0mA

External PSU: Monitoring:≤ 2.0mA  Action≤ 65mA

Start part type Reuse type
Encoding type Electronic encoding type, occupying one bus encode address. It connects with gas fire- fighting control device. Encoding range is set to be 46~50
Wiring system It connects with bus of gas fire-fighting control device and second-line of power source, without polarity
Flash rate 30~55 times/min
Operating environment Temperature:-10°C~55°C
Relative Humidity ≦95% RH, non-condensin

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