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TNA TX24-10A Intelligent Power Supply Unit

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  • EN54-4 Compliance
  • Intelligent 10A Power supply unit
  • Can sit on the loop to monitor by the Fire control panel
  • Digital display showing output voltage and load current
  • Overload, overcharge and over usage protection
  • Fully Monitored with Self-test function
  • Wall mount


Compliance : EN54-4

Power Rating
Power Supply : Mains: AC220V(110-240V),50/60Hz, <270
Backup : 24VDC/12Ah sealed lead-acid battery (Not included)
Output Power : 240W (24VDC/10A)

Protocol/Addressing : T&A, Value range from 1 to 254
Mains and backup switching time : No delay
Indicator : Numeral display

Material / Colour :
Flat sheet Metal / Light Gray
Dimension : 400mm x 380mm x 135mm
IP Grade : IP30

Operating Environment
Temperature : -10℃~+60℃
Relative Humidity : ≤95%, non-condensing
Atmosphere : 86~106KPa


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