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TNA TXC3150 Conventional Manual Call Point

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TXC3150 manual fire alarm button (hereinafter referred to as manual button) has a beautiful structure and wiring is easy and reliable. After fire is manually confirmed, press metal dome on manual button to send alarm signal to the controller. After the controller receives alarm signal, encoded information of manual button and installation position will be displayed and an alarm sounds



Feature and Benefits

  • Hardware circuit is stable and reliable, which is not affected by electromagnetic interference.
  • After metal dome is pressed, a special key shall be used to reset it manually.
  • After metal dome is pressed, manual button provides separate output contact to control other external equipment directly.
  • Plug-type structure is installed easily and reliably

Technical Specification

Operating voltage DC24V, 12-28V
Operating current Normal current: 0mA  Alarm current: ≤30mA
Output capacity Rated DC30V/0.1A passive output contact signal and contact resistance
Type of starting parts Reusable
Start type Press metal dome manually
Reset type A special key is used to reset it. After an alarm is sent, open key cover of manual button and insert the key to rotate by 90°to the right
Status indicator Fire alarm indicator, red; in normal state, red indicator is off; but after alarming, it is normally on.
Wiring system Two-wire system, without polarity
Operating environment Indoors,  temperature  -20 ℃ ~+55  ℃ , relative humidity ≤95%RH, without condensation
Housing material and color ABS, red
Weight About 172g
Outline dimension 95.0mm×95.0mm×46.0mm (with base)
Mounting hole pitch 60mm

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