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TNA TXC3304Conventional Sounder Strobe

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TXC3304 Conventional Sounder Strobe is a type of fire alarm device for on-site installation and it is controlled by a fire alarm control panel. Once activated, it can send strong audible and visible alarm signals to warn people on site when fire occurs.



Feature and Benefits

  • Optional loop powered or external PSU powered
  • Strobe with high intensity LED cluster, long lifespan
  • Low power consumption
  • Plug-in structure design for easy installation and high reliability

Technical Specification

Operating Voltage 24VDC
Operating Current Standby:0mA Alarm:≤50mA
Flashing Frequency 1.0 ~1.6Hz
Sound Pressure Level 75 ~100dB @ 3 meters
Sound Pulsing Frequency 3.5 ~ 4.5s

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