Wafer type signal butterfly valve

Wafer type signal butterfly valve
Signal butterfly valve is suitable for the petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, paper making  such as water and electricity, shipping, water supply and drainage, metallurgy, energy system piping.

Available in a variety of corrosive, non corrosive gases, liquids semifluid and solid powder pipelines and containers used as adjustment and throttling device.Special is widely used in high-rise building fire control system and other need to display the state of the switch valve pipeline system.

Product features :
1, small, portable, easy disassembling and maintenance, and can be installed on any position.
2, simple and compact structure, 90 ° rotating rapidly opening and closing.
3, operating torque, energy saving and lighter.
4, achieve completely sealed, the leakage test is zero.
5, choose different parts material, can be used a variety of media.
6, flow curve tending to straight line. Excellent regulation performance.
7, the opening and closing test into more time, long service life.

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