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  • Fire Pump Set

    ​AW series fire pump set is mainly installed in a fire truck, fire extinguishing system or other fire control facilities, used for conveying liquids such as water or foam solution agent special pump.
    Fire pump system is made of E+D+J
    Operation:1 Duty(electric)+1 standby(diesel engine)+1 jockey
    Capacity:30 to 2000 GPM with pressure 4 to 20 bar
    Pressure vessel:25,50,75,100…Liters, pressure will be 0.6mpa,1.0mpa,1.6mpa,select according to pump head.
    Speed:740-3000 r/min

    Product features
    1. Application scope
    Equipment for warehouses, docks, airports, petrochemical, power plants ,liquefied gas, textiles, ships, oil tankers and other occasions of fire service.
    2. Using instruction
    Altitude :<=1000m
    Ambient temperature:+5 -40 degrees Celsius
    Relative humidity: <=90%


  • Foam Fire Extinguishing Equipment

    The foam bladder tank is the main unit of the foam extinguishing system.

    The device consists of pressure tank, bladder, proportioner , pressure gauge, valves and pipeline. A pump is needed to supply pressurized water. When pressurized water flow through proportioner, a small part of water(3%-6&) flow into tank from branch pipe to press the bladder to swap out equal foam concentrate and then mix with another part of water(97%-93%) to foam foam solution in proportioner and provide to foam generator.

    • Horizontal Bladder tank

      Vertical bladder tank