AS-WRT Wireless Signal Transmitter

AS-WRT Wireless signal transmitter is suitable for home wireless alarm system and industrial wireless alarm system.

The transmitter uses advanced wireless transceiver technology, built-in efficient anti-collision algorithm, and can set filtering rules, so that the transmitter can work reliably in the system.

The transmitter supports multiple groups of channels, so that the transmitter can work in complex environments and in the presence of multiple hosts, realizing mutual non-interference, truly avoiding the collision of channels, and greatly improving the coverage of wireless networks.

Model No.
Main Power
DC5V (Power Adapter)
Standby Power
Operation Indicator
Flash when normal
Fault Indicator
On when standby power fails
Communication Indicator
Flash when forwarding info
Radio Frequency
Transmit power <20dBm
Frequency Band
Operating Temperature
Relative Humidity

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