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ASENWARE Inregrated Two In One Smoke Temperature Tester

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Type of test
Smoke detector
Temperature Detector
Aluminum alloy box
Detector material stainless steel
Standard length
.m. If you need to lengthen, you can buy a connecting rod.


Product function overview

smoke-type(all types of ion, photoelectric and complex smoke detector) fire detector and
temperature-type fire detector(fixed-temperature type, rate-of-rise type, rate-of-rise and
fixed temperature type).
Maintenance, test, commissioning, acceptance and agility test can be carried on
It applies to the fire safety inspection, fire safety detection, fire safety maintenance, and
fire safety engineering and so on.
Integrated two-in-one smoke temperature tester is a fire detector integrating smoke
detection and temperature detection. It can carry out a simulated test on the smoke
detector and temperature detector.
Electric atomizing and fuming technology is specially adopted for fuming. The
specially-designed environmental-friendly liquid for vaporization is free from soot and
tobacco tar and will not cause secondary pollution on the detector.
Fuming technology passed the fire safety department testing and certification and
environmental protection testing and certification.
Electric energy conversion technology is adopted to rapidly raise the temperature to the
alarm threshold of temperature detector within a short time.

.If the product contains combustible gases, it should be placed in shady places
below ℃.
.The first charging of battery rod (relay device to be purchased separately)
should not be fewer than  hours.
.As the body of the gun is made of stainless steel, it should be distanced from
the electrified body in use.
.As the head of the gun is made of anodizing aviation aluminum, it should be
distanced from the electrified body in use.
.Devices idle for a long time should be charged once a month.
.Test temperature detector. Normally, a small amount of smoke will be
released form the public output port of smoke detection.
.During the smoke detector test, the test time is suggested to be – seconds
and alarm can be issued after the end of routine inspection of hosts.
.ml-ml liquid for vaporization is injected before usage.

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