GST102 Infrared Reflective Beam Smoke Detector

Conventional Reflective Beam Detector (hereinafter called the detector) is a non addressable reflective infrared beam smoke detector, which must be used together with a reflector. The number of reflector(s) to be used (one or four) depends on the distance from the detector.
With excellent built-in microprocessor, the detector has strong ability of analysis and
judgment. The detector can automatically carry out system adjustment, compensation
of variation of ambient data, and judgment of fire and fault through fixed algorithm, and

indicate these states by LED and signal output terminals. With new and reasonable design, attractive appearance, flexible adjustment and alignment method it’s easy to install and adjust. The sensitivity of the detector can be set through hand held programmer in field, decreasing the demand for cleanliness of field conditions, and enlarging application areas. The detector is applicable to historical buildings, warehouses, large storages, shopping malls, leisure centers, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, printing houses, clothing factories, museums and prisons etc, as well as places where slight smoke particles exist.


  • Operating Voltage: 15VDC-28VDC
  • Sensitivity Level: Level 1: High sensitivity.  Level 2: Medium sensitivity.
  • Monitoring Area: aximum monitoring area: 14*100=1400m2  Maximum width: 14m
  • Length of Optical Pathway: 8m-100m
  • Dimension: length: 206mm width: 95mm thickness: 95mm

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