SSD331 Stand-Alone Smoke Detector

Standalone Photoelectric Smoke Detector can detect a large amount of smoke when fire generated sending alarm signal in time. Alarm adopts photoelectric smoke devices and excellent production technology, work stability, beautiful appearance, easy to install, without debugging, which can be widely used in hotels, stores, Internet cafes, dancing hall, coffee shop, lounge and residential places on fire safety monitoring.


Operating Voltage : 9V 6F22 battery or DC12V
Static Current : ≤15uA
Alarm Current : ≤56mA
Battery life : About 1 year
Power Indicator : red LED
Alarm Indication : red LED fast blink
Level of Sound :≥85dB/m
Operating temperature : -10℃~ +50℃
Operating Humidity : ≤ 95 %RH

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